English versions of some programs

There are three groups available: You need the Uni-Installer application to install the programs from this site. The actual version of the Uni-Installer program is available for download on this site. Older archives may also contain an English version of the Uni-Installer application.

Gonzo - The Graphic Viewer

Gonzo - the universal graphics viewer
282,3 kByte

Version 1.2
Dec. 2006

Screenshots (and some German information :)

How to configure the JPEG-Library for Gonzo

Version 1.2 of Gonzo, the universal graphic viewer. Displays JPEG, BMP, ICO, PCX, GIF, Autodesk FLI & FLC, GEOS Backgrounds and much more.

There is a full JPEG support included now. For optimal performance, you can configure the JPEG library. Use the "Settings" entry in the "File" menu, and look for "Configure JPEG Library". All entries are explained and there is an English help system available. There is a German screenshot for that.

You must use the Universal Installer version 1.2 (or higher) to install this software.

The GONZO program is shareware. See help file for details and how to register.

Gonzo - Additional Stuff

Gonzo TGA Library
7.3 kByte

TGA Examples
1.56 MByte

Version 1.0
Dez. 2009

TGA graphics plugin library for GONZO. TGA files (Targa graphics format) supports 8, 16 and 24 bit color deep and an alpha cannel. The examples contain this alpha cannel, that means, they are partially transparent. Select "Show transparent files as transparent" from "View" menu in GONZO.
GEOS Document Info
3.7 kByte

Version 1.0
June 2006

This library makes the standard GEOS documents (Draw, Write, Calc ...) visible for GONZO, but only the icons will be shown, not the content. If you click on a file, the user notes of that file will be shown in GONZO's status line. You may find this library useful or not.
ANSI graphics, examples
59.6 kByte

ANSI graphics, girls
70,5 kByte

Some examples for ANSI file format color graphics, supported by GONZO. They consists of ASCII-characters and ANSI-ESCAPE sequences.
Gonzo WAV Library
8,5 kByte

8 und 16 Bit Demo Files
147,9 kByte

WAV-Sound Plugin Library for GONZO. Plays 8 and 16 Bit mono and stereo WAV files by converting them to 8 Bit mono files. The original files are left untouched, of course.
If you have trouble, please read the ReadWav.Txt file.

Game Programs

Brick Puzzle

Version 2.0
March 2019
521 kByte


Move the pices around the board and place them at free positions. Clear at may rows and columns as possible! As a bonus, there is background music with adjustable volume.

The R-BASIC source code is also available for download.

Beetle Catch

Version 1.0
March 2018
374 kByte


A KC-85 Retro-Game.
Use steering rockets to catch and dock segements of a space station.

The R-BASIC source code is also available for download.


Version 1.0
March 2018
336 kByte


A KC-85 Retro-Game.
Use steering rockets to catch and dock segements of a space station.

The R-BASIC source code is also available for download.

2048 Game

Version 1.0
August 2014
200.6 kByte


The number puzzle, now available for PC/GEOS. Move the tiles to get the 2048 tile! It is an R-App (stand alone program, written in R-BASIC). R-BASIC is not needed to run it.

The R-BASIC source code is also available for download.


Screen Savers

If you have problems with the screen savers on this site, probabely you need an updated SAVER.GEO file, also available on this site.
Mandelbrot and Julia Fractal Screen Saver
23.4 kByte

Some picture examples
This screen saver calculates and displays some nice pictures of the mandelbrot set and the julia fractal.
Ant Simulation
20.4 kByte

20.8 kByte

Kamin fire
27.2 kByte
This are three screen savers.

The Ant Simualtion creates graphics by an algorithm called "The Ant Simulation". There are some virtual ants, running across the screen and paint the pixels. This causes some unexpected pictures.
Psycho creates pulsing fractal figures.
Kamin fire creates a burning fire. The name comes from the german word "Kamin" for fire place.

If you have problems with this screen savers, probabely you need an updated SAVER.GEO file, also available on this site.
5.5 kByte
If you have problems with this screen savers from this page, probabely you need an updated SAVER.GEO file. This happens, e.g., when you wish to use it with GEOS 2.x or NewDeal Publish. You must put it into your SYSTEM folder.
Thanks to Gene Anderson for this file.

Other Programs

August 2019
4 kByte


This little tool determines the total available memory for GEOS, the free heap (currently available memory) and the largest free memory block. You can remember the currently available memory to see how much memory a newly loaded program needs.

This program ins availbale only in German, but very simple to use.

Mouse Pointer Creator for R-BASIC

November 2018
396 kByte


R-BASIC Sourcecode

This program helps you to create mouse pointer images for use with the R-BASIC command View.ReadPointerImage. Additonally, the image can be written as GOC code.
To access the program from R-BASIC Tools menu you have to place a copy of the program in the folder USERDATA\R-BASIC\Tools

This program is written in R-BASIC and will run whithout the R-BASIC IDE installed. Only to view and edit the source code you will need the R-BASIC IDE.

R-BASIC tools for the World folder
English Version

Januray 2018
311 kByte

Screenshots and more information

These programs are tools for R-BASIC. Usually they are installed with the standard installation of R-BASIC in the folder USERDATA\R-BASIC\Tools and may be accessed directly from the R-BASIC IDE.

This package contains a copy of these programs for the world folder.

  • Block Graphic Editor
    This program creates graphics for the block font mode of R-BASIC. It can handle monochrome and colored (256 colors) characters. This tool is also useful for "not-programmers", because it can be used to create small bitmap graphics.
    Version 2.2 of the Block Graphic Editor fixes a problem with the temporarily file which causes a system crash in some cases.
  • Font Explorer
    This program shows the font ID of all fonts, installed in your system. All font based commands of R-BASIC identifies the font by its ID number.
  • Wizzard Editor
    The Wizzard Editor alows you to create help files (wizzards) for your own BASIC libraries.
  • Basic Salvager
    This tool salvages the source code and the Picture-List of damaged R-BASIC code files.
Uni Install Creator
English Version 1.4.0

May 2023
75 kByte
The Universal Install Creator let you create "Installation Packages" for the Uni-Installer appliaction from this web site. Almost all of the download files from this web site are created with this Creator application. This version contains a complete help file. Thanks to Hans Lindgren for making the translation!

The new version 1.4.0 of the Install Creator is backward compatible with all previous versions.
Functionally there are no differences between this version and version 6 from the PC/GEOS Ensemble project on gihub https://github.com/bluewaysw/pcgeos.

Feel free to contact me, if you have some questions.

Universal Installer English

Version 1.4.0
may 2023
18 kByte
The English version of the Uni-Installer, version 1.4.0. Required to install most of the files from this web site.
To create your own install packages you need the Install Creator application.

Functionally there are no differences between this version and version 6 from the PC/GEOS Ensemble project on gihub https://github.com/bluewaysw/pcgeos.

R-BASIC Translator
English Version 1.1
August 2015
80 kB


This tool translates R-BASIC stand alone programs (R-Apps) and libraries from or to a foreign language. It reads the strings to translate directly from R-Apps, saves it into it's own file, allows you to translate it and creates a translated version of the R-App. You may use the saved data (translation file) later to translate a newer release of the R-App. Existing translations are preserved, only modified and newer strings has to translate.
You may download R-BASIC here.

Version 1.0
August 2015
269 kByte
This application (R-App) searchs a file tree and lists all files and folders. The output is a file, the format may be a plain text file or a HTML file.
The R-BASIC source code and the icon editor file may be downloaded here.
Yellow Notes

Version 1.0
August 2015
254 kByte
Pin small yellow notes on your desktop. This program is written in R-BASIC and shows for example the power of the R-BASIC document interface.
The source code and the icon editor file are part of the R-BASIC installation and may be found in "Examples\Objects\Work with files" folder.
Splash View

Version 2.0.1
August 2014
708.9 kByte
Some images
This little program manages the BreadBox splash screen. It resides - tested for version 4.x - in the SPLASH.SCR file and uses a very special file format. The Splash Viewer can read and write this format. It comes with an complete document interface and clipboard support. Therefory, you can set your own splash screen. Look at the help file for detailed instructions.

Version 2.0.1 Some sample screens (Examp1.SCR ... Examp8.SCR) are included now. They are stored in GEOS top folder and are ready to use.

To reduce the color depth to the required 16 colors (at 8 bit per pixel) you need the graphic tool Sigma, version 1.6 (Mai 2014) or later.

SIGMA - Simple Graphic Manipulation Tool

Version 1.6
Mai 2014
35.9 kByte
A little program to modify and convert bitmap graphics. Reduces the color deepth (to 8 bit, to 4 bit or to black and whithe) in order to allow a better print out of the graphic, allows clipping and some other functions. New in version 1.6: Color reduction to 16 colors to prepare the graphics for using as splash screen.
Also very usefull for programmers, because it uses the system palette for color reduced images.
USB View
15.9 kByte
Version 1.0
April 2010


Using the "DOSUSB.COM" driver created by Georg Potthast, this program demonstrates, that GEOS is able to communicate with USB devices. USBView reads important information directly from the connected devices.

USBView is not a device driver or a program that makes USB devies "usable" - it only shows some information about it, using the DOSUSB programm.
You must have DOSUSB driver installed under DOS, from Georg Potthast (look here: HTTP://www.georgpotthast.de/usb/), to get access to the USB devices.

Easy Painter

166.9 kByte
Version 2.0
March 2010


An easy to use painting program. Also useful for children. Contains template pictures and a lot of paintbrush figures.
New in version 2.0:
 - Tools to create lines, ellipses and rectangles
 - An area fill funktion
 - Add and organize your own templeates
GeoZip by RABE-Soft

96.8 kByte

Version 2.0.3
Dec. 2009

GeoZip 2.0.3 English version. Simple and fast access to ZIP-archives under GEOS. Shareware. Works now with BreadBox Ensemble 4.x. May be used as alternative or parallel to Breadbox's GeoZip version. The RABE-Soft version (from this web site) gives you more control how to handle archives, especially zipping the @dirmane.000 or not.

You may also switch between my and Breadbox's version by using the proper preference module or manually by modifiung the "filenameTokens" area of the [fileManager] section of the GEOS.INI:
BreadBox-Version:      *.ZIP="dZIP",0,"GZip",16431
Rabe-Soft-Version:      *.ZIP="dZIP",0,"ZipM",16480


35.9 kByte

Version 1.0.1
June 2006


This application scans your hard disk for the really used space. It takes into account, that the operting system uses "clusters" of fixed size to store files and folders.
Very useful to find out, what folders are the "biggest" on your disk.

25.3 kByte

Version 1.0.1
June 2006

This is a "Game Of Life" simulation. Wupples are a life form. Really. You should read the help file.
Application and help file translated by Hans Lindgren - thanks.

20.8 kByte

Version 1.0.1
Mar. 2006

A simple Hex Viewer. A patch tool for advanced users is included. Attention! Use this program at your own risk. All liabilities of any kind are excluded!
Read The Help File ! Application and help file translated by Hans Lindgren - thanks.
Direct Print
59.2 kByte

Screenshots (and some German information :)

This program provides direct access to the parallel ports and to printers connected at this ports. The main job of this program is to send files to a printer, which have been printed to a file. Therefore, it replaces the DOS command
copy /b filename.ext prn
You can also use your PC as a "printer" for a device which has only a serial port to print to.
Backup Now! 1.0

91.0 kByte
A file-by-file backup program. You have access to all drives accessible from GEOS. A tool to remind you on the next backup is included in this archive.
The program is shareware. See help file for details and how to register.
Tune Professional 1.05

145.4 kByte
The power tool to customize you user interface
- Edit icons, DOS-names and links
- Customize the DOS file associations
- Quick access to video modes
- System fonts, drive configuration, and many more ....
The program is shareware. See help file for details and how to register.
R-BASIC is the new powerful but easy to use programming language for PC/GEOS.

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